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Why we started Juakali

Involved in digital transformation of Financial Services Providers for years, we have created Juakali with one goal in mind: to accelerate the materialization of business ideas into live and efficient digital tools. Hence the Juakali name, which means “Let’s get it done!”

Juakali was built with the belief that tech should adapt at the pace of business: a nimble, cost-efficient ally – never a constraint. That’s the reason for offering a low-code Platform: you, the key stakeholder, can now take control over tech and adapt it to your needs, in a simplified and real-time fashion. Enjoy your autonomy: we are here by your side, though you don’t need us anymore!

Who we are

Juakali is founded by a versatile core team with combined 40 years of experience in microfinance and technology.

Antoine Griveaud


Julien Mahuzier


Pavel Bastov