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Marketing agent checking tasks on the Juakali Lead Management Application

Fully Digital Loan Origination

Transform your loan origination into an automated and data-driven process.

Effortless lead capture

Omni-channel Loan Requests

Juakali KYC data verification

On-the-go KPIs and Validity Checks

Lead conversion with Juakali

CBS Integration

An agent capturing lead information in 1 minute

Digitize Your Loan Appraisal

Digitize your loan appraisal with Juakali's end-to-end digital processing. Automate task assignments, ensure compliance, and integrate with Core Banking System seamlessly from various input channels for unparalleled efficiency.

Microfinance Supervisor is checking his team's tasks on the Juakali app

Capture Comprehensive Data

Enable your field agents to gather extensive data effortlessly. Juakali offers a comprehensive data collection feature that includes GPS tracking, photo capture, signature recording, and document uploads. Our platform guarantees that every piece of data contributes to a more informed loan origination process.

A prospective customer receives an informative message from Juakali

Perform Instant Financial Assessments

Use Juakali to perform validations and financial analyses on the spot. Your agents can run credit checks and KYC verifications and access comprehensive account histories directly in the field. Our integrations give your team the ability to make informed decisions in real time and offer customers the best terms.