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Marketing agent checking tasks on the Juakali Lead Management Application

Maximize Recovery, Maintain Integrity

Leverage a risk-based approach to revolutionize your microfinance debt recovery processes.

Effortless lead capture

Risk-Based Prioritization

Juakali KYC data verification

Operational Efficiency

Lead conversion with Juakali

Ethical Client Engagement

An agent capturing lead information in 1 minute

Ensure timely task completion and SOP compliance

Our system flags high-risk cases and ensures your team adheres to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while empowering them with the flexibility to adjust to the specific situation. This ensures timely completion of tasks while maintaining compliance and effectiveness in debt recovery strategies.

Microfinance Supervisor is checking his team's tasks on the Juakali app

Empower your team with data, insight, and efficiency

Ensure field officers have access to critical client information on-the-go through the Juakali app, including guarantor contacts and detailed loan specifics. Provide supervisors with comprehensive oversight tools, enabling in-depth analysis of recovery operations and leveraging Juakali to transform data into actionable insights, guiding strategic decision-making for optimized debt recovery.

A prospective customer receives an informative message from Juakali

Improve client communication

With Juakali, your communication with clients becomes a key driver of successful debt recovery. Scheduled SMS and email reminders help keep clients informed and accountable, reducing delinquency rates and fostering a proactive recovery environment that respects client relationships.