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The microfinance field application that doubles your productivity

Digital transformation has never been easier

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Team members in an office using the Juakali digital platform for task management and collaboration in microfinance.

We digitize and automate your key processes


Boost your conversion rate

Capture leads from all your channels. Validate them in real-time with Biometrics, eKYC, and phone number verification. Keep your clients informed throughout the process with automated messages.


Reduce turnaround time &
increase caseload

Digitize your field data collection. Streamline decisions with automated tasks.  Monitor with ease. Integrate with third-party systems like CBS & CRB. No extra IT effort required.


Optimize retention rates & revenues

Apply scoring to identify eligible customers. Target them with tailored messaging. Equip loan officers & call centers with relevant customer data. Avoid redundant data entry.


Decrease your risk

Send risk-based notifications prior to repayment dates. Simplify the recovery processes with automated follow-up tasks. Improve scoring based on repayment behaviours.

Have unique or specific automation requirements?
Juakali  easily tailors bespoke solutions to fit your needs.

Technology that enables automation & last mile delivery

Juakali integrates a robust Digital Field Application (DFA) with a powerful process automation engine and a solid API, enabling seamless operations across all microfinance workflows. This trio of core technologies ensures that your services are delivered efficiently, with enhanced capabilities for field agents and backend processes alike.

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No Connection? No Problem.

Gather diverse data, validate it, and enhance your analysis in real-time. No connection? Simply sync when you're back online.

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Add the features you need

Upgrade your current systems: incorporate modules such as Biometrics and Credit Bureau or integrate more extensive processes.

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Work across all device types

Initiate, review, and approve cases effortlessly from any tablet, mobile, or browser. Launch multiple processes at once.

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Digitise and share documents

Digitize documents, make sure they are easy to find and share them with your team and customers. 

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Automate your existing processes

You created your processes, roles and rules for a reason. Use Juakali to optimize, enforce, and audit them with ease

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Save time and money

Time to market is key. Business requirements change. Save time & money on current and future works with low-code.

already integrated with widely used core banking systems

Musoni Core Banking SystemMambu Core Banking SystemMifos Core Banking System

You are using a different system? Worry not, integration is quick, robust, and easy.

Three reasons to choose Juakali

Our Platform

Built for Financial Inclusion

Our platform combines innate flexibility with ready-to-deploy predefined modules. We swiftly build integrations with third-party solutions, guaranteeing smooth process operations. Rely on our cloud-native infrastructure for consistent availability and scalability. And benefit from regular feature updates.

Our Expertise

Covering Tech, Finance & Operations

We understand the intricacies of digital transformation and are ready to guide you with best practices. Our in-house, modular SME financial analysis tool is at your disposal. As seasoned Financial Inclusion experts, we're in resonate with your challenges and understand your unique context.

Our Approach

Step-by-Step Digitization with Minimal Risk

Leverage our low-code workflow engine for swift results, focusing on one core process at a time. Embrace a low-risk journey with our transparent, phased, subscription-based pricing — minimizing up-front costs. We're collaborative at heart: pilots and Proof of Concepts are warmly welcomed.

They trust us

“Having a solution provider that already understands your business & shares the same value for pragmatic solutions is a huge plus”

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World map highlighting countries where Juakali operates, with markers indicating office locations.

Our impact

Using Juakali Loan Origination, a top Microfinance Bank in Africa saw significant progress in just a year.

The bank has 500+ loan officers focused on assisting the underbanked. We transformed the bank's Loan Origination and Loan Renewal processes into digital workflows.
Juakali also links with two credit bureaus, making back-office tasks more efficient and less error-prone. We've integrated Juakali with the bank's scoring system, enabling smooth loan renewals for qualifying clients.

Microfinance field agent with tablet using the Juakali Digital Field Application to assist a client in an agricultural setting.
Loan officer caseload
Loan Turnaround Time
Staff Costs

An international team of experts

Juakali is a team more than 30 dedicated experts across three continents. We envision technology as a flexible and affordable ally, always aligned with business pace.

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