Digital transformation made easy

Our powerful Platform lets Financial Services Providers digitize their operations easily: in a few clicks, visually recreate your workflows, data collection forms & business rules.

Focusing on your core business just got easier

We simplify Financial Services Providers' life by eliminating paperwork & automating valueless tasks, so that your employees make the most of their time at work and you boost your productivity.

We understand your goals and challenges, we have been there. Juakali was built with the belief that tech should adapt at the pace of business: a nimble, cost-efficient ally – never a constraint.

Why choose Juakali?

01. Our Platform

Unparalleled flexibility by design, best-in-class time-to-results

02. Our Expertise

Our deep understanding of FSPs digital transformation paves the way for your success

03. Our Subscription Model

Risk-free: try our Platform and love it, or just leave it (we know you won't)

Up your game

  • Speed up customer onboarding using seamless KYC checks & rich data
  • Quickly & autonomously deploy new loan/savings products
  • Set up instant lending, with scoring & rules-driven decision automation
  • Go rural with offline mode & roll-out Agency Banking
  • Improve customer engagement with SMS/email notifications
  • Adapt to the unexpected, deploy new processes in days

Simple and safe

Let your team focus on key activities! Our Digital Field Application, coming with automated error-checking & documents generation capabilities, will allow you to kill redundant work & optimize time spent on the field.

Stay safe: define your own rules (eg. KYC requirements, exceptions management), streamline your Credit Committee process, improve your risk management with clear segregation of duties & maker-checker.

Field proof

Offline capabilities and rich data capture
(pictures, GPS coordinates, signatures…)


Top notch security by design, platform infrastructure used by Tier-1 banks, GDPR compliant


Our web-based and mobile apps can be used directly through our own interface or external ones

Systems orchestration

Integrate with 3rd party systems & use built-in orchestration to automate system-to-system jobs

Cloud native

Say hi to high availability and scalability,
say bye to upfront costs

Low code

Create and modify processes on your own, or even reuse predefined ones, how and when you need it

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