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Marketing agent checking tasks on the Juakali Lead Management Application

Elevate your Lead Management

Harness the power of Juakali to optimize lead generation and client acquisition.

Effortless lead capture

Effortless Lead Capture

Juakali KYC data verification

Real-time Data Verification

Lead conversion with Juakali

Seamless Lead-to-Client Conversion

An agent capturing lead information in 1 minute

Achieve Maximum Conversion with Minimum Effort

Capturing lead information is quick and easy. Phone numbers are verified with OTP, and all sales activities are tracked via GPS. Juakali automatically qualifies leads, schedules callbacks, and sends timely SMS messages.

Microfinance Supervisor is checking his team's tasks on the Juakali app

Convert better & faster

Juakali takes care of your team’s tasks assignments and lead qualification. Your supervisors have a complete overview and can easily reassign tasks with just one click. If a prospect is successfully converted, you can continue with Juakali for Loan Origination or create an account in your CRM and CBS. With Juakali, nothing falls through the cracks.

A prospective customer receives an informative message from Juakali

Improve customer experience

Capture leads through your website, WhatsApp, USSD, or upload an existing list of leads. Show your customers that you care with timely follow-ups and personalized SMS communication. Ensure that your agents always have the complete client profiles at their fingertips.