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Enhancing Your Microfinance Operations: A Look at Juakali’s Practical Features

In the field of microfinance, efficiency is key. Juakali has been developing a variety of small but impactful features that aim to support your business by simplifying daily tasks and workflows. Let’s explore how these tools can practically benefit your operations. This post highlights a few of them.

Effortless Document Creation at Your Command

Forget the old days of manually editing document templates. Juakali offers a straightforward solution for creating necessary paperwork. Need to draft a loan agreement after signing up a new client? With Juakali, a complete PDF with all the required details is just a click away, freeing up time for you and your team.

Two-Way SMS Communication: Keep the Conversation Going

Communication with clients shouldn't be a one-way street. With Juakali, you can automate SMS reminders for loan renewals straight from your Core Banking System. More than just a reminder, this feature engages clients in a dialogue that can directly kick-start the renewal process, improving efficiency without additional overhead.

Capture Data with Ease

Fieldwork is an integral part of your microfinance activities. Juakali’s data collection capabilities enable your agents to effortlessly gather detailed client data—GPS locations, photos, and signatures—all contributing to a comprehensive client profile and a smoother loan application process.

On-the-Spot Financial Analysis for Informed Decisions

Assessing a client’s financial situation accurately and promptly can make all the difference. With Juakali, your team can conduct credit checks and KYC verifications on the fly. Access to a client’s complete financial history in the field supports better-informed decision-making, right where you need it.

Built-in image recognition

Juakali's image recognition feature helps verify new customers by checking if they already exist in your system. This function prevents duplicate accounts and stops fraud by ensuring no one can create an account under another person's identity. If a client is recognized, their KYC and previous loan details are automatically retrieved from the CBS, simplifying the verification process for agents.

Tools that make you more efficient

Juakali’s digital tools are crafted to support the nuanced needs of your microfinance business. By integrating these technologies, you can not only optimize your time but also strengthen client connections and support solid, well-informed business choices.