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Juakali Updates Q2 2023

Release of R25 & M13 and other news!

The Summer is hot and at Juakali, we take no rest! We’ve been busy since the last newsletter, especially as we now release minor versions more frequently and only communicate for major ones. Be ready for a loooooong update.

R25 is live & M13 (Juakali Mobile) is about to be (next week or so). Find more below.

New features

We keep on fleshing out the new Process Modeler, many new functions are now supported, such as the ability to:

  • set properties of a process definition
  • set properties of a start event
  • add sub-processes
  • add script tasks

This enables us to serve our clients faster and, more importantly, gives you more autonomy in defining your business processes. If you’re interested in getting started with the modeler, drop us a line.

We’ve also improved the User Management interface, it’s now possible to define whether a user can edit webhooks. We also fixed the limitation of download for users previously capped at 1000.

It’s now possible to duplicate Combined User Tasks, making it much easier to configure processes with many forms working offline.

We’ve added a much-requested feature: a Monitoring Process dashboard displaying all the process instances, completed and running, giving the possibility to admins to monitor activity, identify next task and its assignee, and cancel obsolete process instances.

Forms now support the upload of documents such as XLS or PDF, so that various users across a process can add docs and review them. It’s also necessary in order to send those docs to be processed by 3rd-parties, so that we can apply some OCR or parsing (think bank / mobile money statements or ID cards).

We’ve also optimized the size of forms, making it easier to modify them and we improved multiboxes, adding support for formulas such as count() or sum(). Multiboxes also support visible and required properties based on conditions, including in nested boxes! This makes this component particularly flexible and apt to accommodate a large variety of lists of items.

We’ve also added the support to import properties of Business Objects, making it much easier to edit them in bulk and duplicating them across projects.

As we’re in 2023, we keep on improving our integration framework! Our Webhooks configuration console now support scripts to be run prior to an API call (usually so that you can prepare the data you’re sending to the 3rd-party). We’ve also added the support for multipart/form-data format.

Last, what would be an update without touching upon Juakali Mobile! Two main pieces of news here:

  • We’ve spent a lot of time optimizing the Sync mechanism, making it up to 5 times faster!
  • We’re about to roll out a major UI improvement (in a minor version to come shortly after M13), dusting off the less shiny parts of Juakali Mobile

Juakali news

We’ve had a lot on our plate over the latest few months!

We’ve been selected by SmileID’s Smile For Success program, read more about this  

partnership here and discover what it unlocks with regard to eKYC checks.

We recently completed 10 million tasks on Juakali, saving a 600 years of human work

We’re working hard making access to credit bureaus (CRB) easier and more automated for FSPs, we’ll soon communicate more about that.

We’re about to launch a new offering to help MFIs digitize and automate their lead management! We want to make sure you finally get rid of paper, embrace multi-channel, and never lose a lead again! The project is ultra-light and get you live in one week of time!

The campaign will be published on our LinkedIn page. #JuakaliLeadManagement

Last, as usual, we’ve also done a ton of POCs, exploring new use cases such as scanning QR codes for agency banking or identifying clients using facial recognition, connect with us if you’re interested in learning more!