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Introducing the Juakali Lead Management Module

At Juakali, we continuously strive to offer tools that can empower microfinance businesses. Our recent launch, the Lead Management module, is a testament to this commitment. Here's a more detailed look:

Overview of the Lead Management Module

We've designed the Lead Management module to ensure you never lose a lead again. It's all about capturing leads from diverse channels like Webforms, WhatsApp, USSD, and our Field App, and maintaining engagement with prospects through timely follow-ups and personalized SMS communication. Your staff always knows what to thanks to automated task assignments and the right information at their fingertips.

What's more, the transition from a lead to a client is seamless: with Juakali's Origination module, businesses can swiftly open accounts and disburse loans. And if there's a need to push data to your Core Banking System, our module supports that via API.

The Digital Field Application

One of the module's standout features is the Digital Field Application. Created to bolster on-ground efforts, this feature permits staff to register and auto-qualify prospects in record time. Its capabilities extend to:

  • Context-driven data collection, ensuring only relevant data is collected.
  • Easy callback scheduling, which includes automated task and SMS reminders.
  • Providing comprehensive context on the lead, equipping staff with all they need for productive follow-up visits.
  • Offline data collection capabilities, ensuring no hitches even in areas with connectivity issues.
  • Real-time OTP verification to ensure the accuracy of contact details.
  • GPS recording to monitor and audit interview locations.

Process Automation

Efficiency and reliability are critical in lead management. With Juakali's process automation feature, you can enjoy swift data collection, meaningful client communication, and contextually relevant follow-ups, all managed by a singular tool. The overarching goal is clear: make clients feel valued, facilitate stress-free operations for staff, and ensure supervisors can easily monitor and delegate tasks.

Integrating Multiple Channels

Our module recognizes the importance of multiple prospection channels in today's business landscape. By integrating all these channels onto one platform, we aim to simplify the follow-up process. And for businesses not yet leveraging tools like WhatsApp, Webforms, and USSD for prospection, Juakali offers pre-existing solutions to get you started.

Kickstarting Your Journey with Juakali

Implementing new software often brings to mind lengthy deployment periods, expensive IT consultations, and steep setup fees. Juakali is changing this narrative. With our module, businesses can:

  • Quickly set up users.
  • Import existing leads effortlessly.
  • Spend a mere hour training the team with our comprehensive guides.

The best part? The setup is entirely free.

Transform your business today

Switching to new software doesn't have to be intimidating or time-consuming. With Juakali's Lead Management Module, businesses can experience a transformative shift in how they handle leads, without the usual complications. For a more detailed exploration of what Juakali offers, feel free to check out our previous posts or reach out to us directly at

Watch our demo video for a detailed walkthrough of all the features of the Lead Management module.

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