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Juakali Updates Q4 2022

Release R24 and M12

We start the new year with a new version! Juakali R24 & M12 (Juakali Mobile) have just been released. Find below some details.

New features:

  • Generate PDF documents on the top of Excel
  • New modeler now supports Service Tasks

Better interface:

  • Notifications are enabled in Windows 10
  • We can now set a dynamic name for forms in combined user tasks (CUT)
  • We can use combined user tasks (CUT) for Report Forms
  • Drawing fields (signatures) can now be read-only
  • Juakali is available in Spanish!

More integrations:

  • Support for x-www-form-urlencoded POST data and upload binary via API

Mobile app:

  • Users can now start a new process from a given record
  • Crop / center / rotate pictures taken by the mobile app
  • We’ve included an optional incremental sync mode to avoid time-outs

Dozens of minor bugs fixing and improvements have also been brought to the configuration console, allowing us to serve you better and paving the way for further self-service of the platform.

Find Juakali Mobile on Google Play

Juakali news

We’ve had a lot on our plate over the latest few months, you can ready notably about: